Wednesday, June 19, 2024




Have you ever had the District Governor attend your club meeting or an event and thought “that would be a great role one day”?

Every year you see the call come out to you to encourage someone to apply to become the District Governor Nominee Designate.

Now is your chance.  If you are a past president and have been a Rotarian for at least 5 years, nominations are open.

Have you ever considered what the Governor does?

It is more than shaking hands and kissing babies.  The Governor is not a politician, but they must be accepted through a vote by representatives from each club.  This vote takes place at the Annual General Meeting during District Conference.

It is more than traveling throughout the district receiving standing ovations at club meetings.  Visiting clubs is a requirement of the role but it is approached with flexibility.   As a club you can decide if you would like a one-on-one meeting or would enjoy engaging with the Governor in a joint meeting with other clubs in your area.  The Governor is attending to get to know the Rotarians in the district and to share news and ideas.  You also have the opportunity to invite the Governor to a club board meeting or an event.  The most important role of the Governor is help build stronger clubs, so they visit clubs because they need to hear what your concerns are.

It is more than representing the interests of Rotary International.  The District Governor is the official representative of Rotary International and therefore accountable for the integrity of all the finances and operations including the safety of youth involved in Rotary programs.  In essence the District Governor is much like the CEO of a large company.  No CEO runs a company alone, so it is important to have a strong district team.

It is more than attending all the clubs and events in our district.  The Governor is expected to actively participate in the training offered by both Rotary International and Zone 26/27 during the Nominee and Elect years.  There is a mandatory International Assembly in January of the Elect year.  Rotary International provides funds to the district to cover these educational expenses.

It is more than a having an understanding of how our district and clubs operate.  The Governor is expected to attend the annual Rotary International Convention and the Zone Institute to meet with other Rotarians.  These experiences allow the Governor to share connections and new opportunities with the Rotarians in our district.

It is more than tasks.  It is getting to know all the diverse clubs and communities on Vancouver Island and western Washington State.  It is about having the opportunity to participate in events with all those clubs.  It is about immersing yourself in the full Rotary experience.

There is nothing you will do in Rotary that will ever be as impactful, as humbling or as challenging.

Are you up for it?  Email right now to start the process.

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