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On October 28th and 30th, Rotary Clubs of Courtenay, Strathcona Sunrise, and Cumberland jointly expressed their gratitude to our local health care workers. In return, Rotarians in the Comox Valley were overwhelmed by the delight and appreciation that a thoughtful gesture of thanks to the staff would bring. 

A light mist greeted Rotarians as they arrived in the dark for the early shift of health care staff in the Comox Valley. They unloaded the homemade cookies, posters, and cards and prepared to greet workers as they departed from and arrived for their shift. Rotarians were present for the morning and afternoon shifts, with one club showing up for the 10 pm shift change.

Elementary students and the Interact Clubs of Lake Trail, GP Vanier, and Highland made cards and signs of heartfelt thanks. Cookies were baked by Rotarians and friends of Rotary and handed out to arriving and departing caregivers. Numerous local businesses donated additional food items as well as coffee. It truly was a community effort. 

A community working together to say thank-you to those who are caring for us. 

Notes of thanks included:

My sister is an ICU nurse in Comox, and she said when she got off her shift there were two Rotarians standing at the staff entrance in the rain, thanking her for what she was doing. 

She said it was one of the nicest things anyone had done lately (the North Island hospitals are really being hit hard right now). 

Just want to spread a little joy and reminder that sometimes the little things we can do – make a world of difference. 

Thank you so much to your team for making our staff feel so supported and appreciated! The boost your kindness gave our team was definitely felt all day yesterday, and people are still talking about it today! Thank you so much!

It’s a reminder that small acts of kindness can make a difference.

Anita Wotschel
Anita Wotschel
Rotary International District 5020 Literacy Chair
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