Wednesday, June 19, 2024



Every child deserves a safe place to attend school. For 535 Sunyani students, the Rotary Foundation is actively working to provide them that right.

With the assistance and perseverance of the Sunyani East Rotary project team, we have crafted DCG #25 Nwawasua Security Fence and Computers project.


Before the project, animal feces polluted the school grounds and sometimes even classrooms. Vagrants and local drivers would use the grounds as a shortcut — and there have been instances of children being hit by vehicles. With the grounds open, local traders have claimed a portion of the school property for their shops and on a daily basis create distractions for the students.

The project also included the purchase of 20 Dell computers for the school computer lab, enabling the faculty to offer computer studies again — something that was previously off the table due to expired, outdated tech. In 2023, internet access and digital media is paramount to understanding the world. The new computers will allow students to access previously unavailable resources and expand their skills in a multitude of fields through the ITC program.

While the security fence project aims primarily to protect the students and teachers, it has also had positive effects on student attendance. Moreover, the school’s field area now has plans to be used for soccer and other outdoor activities now that it is safe to do so.

Nwawasua School’s headmaster shared his gratitude to Rotary’s partnership for considering the students and the value of their lives and education. Additionally, the faculty is fully prepared to handle any upkeep once the project is completed, and that the school will be renting the field area for funerals, weddings, church services, and assemblies to help fund maintenance.


The Rotary club of Nanaimo Oceanside is grateful to have been able to provide these opportunities to students, both present and future of Nwawasau School, and to each of the Rotary clubs who offered contributions for the project completion: RC of Sunyani East, RC Nanaimo, RC Nanaimo Daybreak, RC Tacoma, RC Edmonton Downtown, RC Qualicum Beach, RC Duncan Daybreak, District 5020 and MIG clubs for matching contributions.

This project is being completed in tandem with a Global Grant for the completion and refurbishment of  latrines and hygiene training for this school and two others in the Sunyani area.

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