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Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club thanks you for your donation to the Rotary Scholarship program. With your help, we have achieved a very significant milestone: The goal to attain $25,000 in funds in order to establish a self-perpetuating endowment has been reached (and exceeded)! In a little more than one year, we have been able to raise more than $31,000, thanks to the generosity of you and other donors. Each year interest earned from the fund becomes spendable for scholarship awards. We hope to build the endowment to $50,000 in 2022, so that a second 4-year Rotary Scholarships can be awarded. As we all are painfully aware, the level of medical care in the underserved communities of Washington is appalling, and the need is beyond urgent. Simply put, we must fund more Rotary Scholars to help correct this statewide emergency situation.

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Most importantly, we are delighted to announce that the first scholarship was award to Washington State University (WSU) Medical School enrollee Britta Bunnel from Sammamish, Washington. The members of Bellevue Sunrise Rotary were honored to host Britta at our last meeting of the 2021 calendar year. We were so pleased to meet and converse with Britta; she is very worthy of representing the future of medical care in the underserved communities of Washington State. The people of the community that Britta ultimately elects to serve will have someone who indeed has their best health interests continually at heart and in mind. You are invited to learn more about Britta Bunnel by visiting her featured page on

The Rotary Scholar program was initiated by Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club in partnership with the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine at WSU. This program is being promoted to Rotary clubs in Districts across Washington, in order to provide awareness of the issue and the opportunity to support this project. Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club is extremely grateful for all the support we have received to date from individuals, corporate entities and other Rotary clubs. Your financial help is funding medical students’ education and enabling fulfillment of a Rotary tenet of “Taking Action.”

The Rotary Scholarship helps enable medical students to follow their passion for rural health care.


Taking Action – Supporting education for physicians through scholarships.



Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club Thanks All Our Donors for the

Tremendous Success of the Rotary Scholar Program!

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