Wednesday, June 19, 2024




Campbell River Daybreak Rotary is again making “Pierogies for Polio,” now in its 5th year raising money for polio eradication.  

We sell our pierogi for $10.00 a dozen to fellow Rotarians, friends, and family. Our pierogi are also a featured dinner item at a local social club’s dinner event where diners have the opportunity to purchase pierogi to take home!

Last year we made over 3000 pierogi and raised $3194.89 for the cause. We are on track to do it again this year. We calculate each dozen pierogi vaccinates 45 children. 

This year in September, a handful of members and friends gathered on a Friday evening to make filling at member Sandra P’s home. Huge blocks of cheese were grated. Pounds of potatoes were boiled, mashed, and seasoned to get the filling just right. Members then gathered on the weekend to make the little dumplings of goodness. Three to four people roll dough, including First Lady Willi, wife of our current club president Norm, and First Man to Be, Stephen, husband of our president-elect Lindsey.  

Several experienced and first-time pierogi makers gathered around tables, safely distanced and masked, making the little dumplings. The room is full of chatter, storytelling, and laughter as we work together. Our host Sandra provided a fantastic lunch. Other members contributed by bringing sweets. After all, pierogi making is hard work, and members need sustenance! 

The following quote from Eric Bryant sums it up nicely: “Fellowship isn’t just what we do for each other. Fellowship is what we do together for the world”. And so, this month, we will gather again. It is our pleasure and privilege. 

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