Wednesday, June 19, 2024




The problem with plastic waste in our waters and lands is difficult to overstate.  The sheer volume overwhelms existing disposal systems, yet the amount of new plastic manufactured per year is expected to double by 2040.  Recycling is not economically feasible for 90% of plastics, so what can a regular person do to make any kind of impact on such a huge problem?

You can organize a party.

The ESRAG Plastic Solutions Task Force is challenging members to accept a challenge: To organize a “Story of Plastic” Watch Party for their club, family or community group.

What is “The Story of Plastic” and What is a “Watch Party”?

“The Story of Plastic” is a full-length documentary film that won an Emmy Award for best documentary film writing in September.  To celebrate, Discovery Channel is offering it for free on YouTube until November 30th!  (It will still be available later, but will take a couple of additional steps to get free access.)

The film is serious and important, with eye-opening footage about the international waste trade, global recycling realities, and the toxic effects of plastic production.

Watch Parties became very popular during COVID, allowing people to use technology to chat and watch movies together virtually.  Today, people are conducting in-person watch parties as local health conditions allow.

Plastic Solutions has created a “Watch Party Packet” with organizing and promotion tips, graphics and art, discussion group questions, and 2 case studies of Rotary Clubs with plastic reduction projects and policies.

To request a packet or talk about the concept email

Please take it upon yourself to accept this challenge!  The first step in solving problems is to understand the problem BEFORE trying to fix it!   The backlash against plastic waste is strong and widespread. Maybe you can be the person to bring it to the attention of your club, and help turn angst into action!

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