Wednesday, June 19, 2024




The Pacific Rim Rotary Club has been working on developing a disc golf course for the community of Ucluelet for the past 3 years. It started as an idea from Club President Jeff Anderson, at that time. After my first winter here, I realized the challenge of getting outdoors for fresh air and having some fun on rainy winter days. Disc golf, being an all-weather sport, was on the top of my mind.

Jeff played many rounds of disc golf in Whistler prior to moving to Ucluelet and brought his idea to the Rotary board. It was favored by all, and word spread around town. It was amazing how many people also wanted disc golf on the West Coast, and there had even been a couple of prior attempts at building a course.

With the encouragement of the club and community, we started down the path of a Disc golf course in the heart of Ucluelet. We approached the district and were given a few different land options. After hiking through bushes and trees, taking photos, and writing descriptions of the terrain, we turned in our reports to the district, and one plot of land behind the BMX track stood out the most.

This piece of land had little to no ground cover, fairly open tree coverage, with light trails already existing. It was also right beside the BMX track and across the street from the skate park, basketball courts, and community center. After many back and forths with the district, along with delegations at the council meetings and lots of fundraising, 3 years later, the Pacific Rim Rotary Club was granted land use of the property to build a disc golf course!

We started in May and have been going strong all summer. We thought the hard work had been done securing the land, but we were wrong. Once we started the first work session on the course, we realized we had a great deal of hard physical work to do. We are proud to say we have our 9 temporary baskets up and close to finishing up the tees, greens, and paths through the wooded area.

We are working on the design for signage and have ordered 500 custom-made Pacific Rim Rotary Discs. Pacific Rim Rotary Club plans to have a soft opening in early November, where we will sell discs along with a BBQ and instruction on Disc golf, and then an official grand opening in the spring of 2024.

This will allow us to tweak the course and put on the finishing touches, which will include wildlife educational signage and selected art pieces throughout the course. We are so blessed for all the support from local volunteers and the local businesses donating money and prizes for our fundraising and the District of Ucluelet for granting us the land to proceed with the development of the Disc golf course.

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