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Gondwana Care Trust MealForTwo project 2023 – Residual Grant application request

The Gondwana Care Trust (the Trust) began as a philanthropic passion project driven by a group of employees. Initially, it was project-based and funded externally, mostly by employees.

When the company was restructured in 2017, the Trust was formalized, and a trust deed was outlined to focus our efforts away from charity and towards impact. The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees (the Trustees) and audited annually. With the Trustees’ focus on direct impact, all funds (apart from banking fees) go to sustainable projects. The application process for beneficiaries and projects was formalized and approved by the Trustees.

Gondwana’s representatives from the lodges in the vicinity of projects assist the Trust by inspecting recipient properties and providing regular feedback to the Trustees.

Projects supported by the Trust are funded by outside private parties. The Gondwana Collection contributes a monthly monetary contribution and in-kind contributions to the Trust.

The larger financial partner to the Trust includes inter alia Bank Windhoek and the Capricorn Foundation, Global United, Seapride, The Wecke and Voigts Group, PSG, and FirstRand Namibia. The Trust in many projects acts as a conduit between donors and the communities that need the support.

The Project:

The MealForTwo project is one of Gondwana Care Trust’s flagship projects. It was initiated through the donation of surplus meat from the Gondwana butchery to soup kitchens, old age homes, and school hostels. In 2019, a formal partnership with Bank Windhoek allowed the Trust to supply dry goods in addition to the meat donation from Gondwana. The success of the project, especially during these trying economic times, has snowballed with more donors coming on board to help get food aid to vulnerable communities. Unfortunately, the need to assist vulnerable communities is increasing.

Since October 2019, when the project was formally started in partnership with Bank Windhoek, we have donated 670,000 meals.
In 2021 alone, the Trust provided a total of 254 000 meals (An average of 8 380 meals per day) to its approximately 3 500 individual beneficiaries across the country. This included 8-tonne Protein, 7.5-tonne Fruits and Veggies, and 9-tonne Maize, Oats, Bread flour, and Pasta.

With the help of our partners, the Gondwana Care Trust has provided a calculated total of 229,000 meals to its approx. 4,000 individual beneficiaries in 2022 (*up until mid-Sept 2022).

The main purpose of the MealforTwo program is to have a lasting impact on the vulnerable communities in Namibia. Over the years, the Gondwana Care Trust has built solid relationships with community welfare organizations that collect, prepare and distribute food parcels to the communities that need it the most.

Child Care Centres, soup kitchens, old age homes, homeless shelters, and school hostels provide meals to their beneficiaries.

These beneficiaries are spread throughout the country. In 2023 our aim is to expand our geographic reach to more vulnerable communities in Namibia and to provide over 300,000 meals.

With the help of our partners, the Gondwana Care Trust has provided a calculated total of 65,525 meals to its approx. 4,000 individual beneficiaries from July 2022 to 15 Sept 2022.

In the reporting period, we donated:
3.3tonne Protein
1.93tonne Fruits and Vegetables
1.86tonne Maize, Flour and Pasta

With this planned expansion and the inflation of goods prices compared to 2022, our budget for the project in 2023 is over N$1,400,000. Our monthly expense average for 2022 is N$ 83,000.

Using the Gondwana logistics hub and network, we distribute food supplies to communities around the country. We keep track of all food ordered and supplied and can track meals provided.

Regular feedback is required from the beneficiaries, and our lodge staff assists by working closely with rural beneficiaries.

We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Tacoma Sunrise for its support in 2022.

The grant of N$ 180,367. enables the Gondwana Care Trust to fund the November & December 2022 Expenses for the Meal for Two as well as the sponsorship of 150 Christmas Food hampers valued each at N$420. Giving a total budget of N$63,000. Alone for the 150 Food Hampers.

Distribution for the food hampers was done on 17th November 2022.
According to FAO, 2020, 1.4 million Namibians are food insecure and are unable to afford a healthy diet.

We cannot thank you enough for your support, and we thank you for your time and consideration for the residual grant towards the Meal For Two project in 2023.

We cannot do it alone, and together, we can make a difference and change people’s lives for the better, one day at a time, one meal at a time.

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