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In a world that increasingly demands cohesion and collaboration, communities must come together with a shared purpose and collective enthusiasm, which is where UD5020 comes into play—a platform designed to unite and inspire Rotary District 5020 by showcasing the collective achievements, insights, and aspirations of its members.


Founded by Caleb Summerfelt in August 2019, UD5020 began as a print magazine with the humble yet audacious mission of bringing our diverse community together. In July 2021, the magazine evolved into an online platform, reaching a milestone of over 10,000 monthly readers. 

UD5020 aims to:

  • Act as a mirror reflecting the actions, passions, and innovations across Rotary District 5020 from local businesses, schools, civic organizations, and individual contributors.
  • Function as a catalyst to spur new ideas and partnerships. By sharing stories of individual and collective triumphs, challenges, and innovations, we hope to inspire community members to take action in their unique way.
  • Promote a sense of unity and collective identity. We strive to celebrate our differences while focusing on common goals, thereby fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.

The Founder: Caleb Summerfelt

Caleb Summerfelt’s vision behind UD5020 recognized that genuine, substantive community ties often needed to be improved, even in an age of hyper-connectivity. The magazine was his answer to this pressing concern, a medium to promote connection, dialogue, and inspiration.

An ardent believer in the power of storytelling, Caleb understood that each article, each photograph, and each submission could serve as a spark—igniting creativity, enthusiasm, and a sense of belonging among community members. His commitment to community development, transparency, and engagement remains at the heart of UD5020, guiding its evolution and impact.

Moving Forward

As UD5020 continues to expand its reach, our mission stays the same: to serve as a binding thread for Rotary District 5020. We pledge to continually update our platform, ensuring that it reflects our community’s diverse voices and changing dynamics. 

Through the power of shared stories and mutual inspiration, we are not just recounting the history of Rotary District 5020 but actively shaping its future. We will continue to grow, inspire, and transcend as a united district.

Thank you for your dedication and support to keep this alive.
The UD5020 Team  

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