Wednesday, June 19, 2024




The North Mason Rotary Club has created a new event, “The Haunted Barn Experience.” Now, Co-President David Cohen was brainstorming ideas for a new fundraiser for the club. After developing the concept, last year’s Board of Directors approved the project. 
Every good haunted house has to have zombies and other scary characters to pull it off.   With a club as small as ours, we had to recruit actors, said Co-President Diann Cohen (Yes, a husband/wife co-presidency), so Dave, being Dave, sprung into action and enlisted the help of the North Mason High School Drama Club. Even during the summer months, Dave met with the teacher and students to plan the vignettes. The week before will be exciting as the construction will begin in the barn. We will need all hands on deck, and we are sure our club will swing into action. 
We are very fortunate to have Scott McLendon’s Hardware store partner with us again. They have committed to co-ghosting this event with us.  We are looking for donations of items for the haunted house. Everything from a coffin, Halloween blow-ups, costumes, set props, animated characters, motors to make things spin or fly, pool noodles, and anything scary! We are looking for three organizations to host a trunk or treat one night each. Email us at if you have items to donate.
 There will be child hallways for kids ten and under that will not be as frightening. It will feed into a Kid’s Zone where they can enjoy a bouncy house, coloring, and other activities. The rest of the barn will have multiple hallways filled with bone-chilling sights and frightening sounds.
The Haunted Barn Experience will open at the Salmon Center Barn in Belfair. The executive director is a member of the Rotary Club, and they have been a pleasure to work with. The Haunted Barn Experience will be held on the Friday and Saturday before Halloween and on Halloween night from 6 – 9 p.m. We are charging $8 a head and hope this will become a new tradition in the greater Belfair area.  Proceeds for the Haunted Barn will include donating to the NM Drama Club, and a beneficiary will be named the first of October.
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